Top Sales Articles

Business Insider always has great articles and here is a recent one offering tips to make more money in 2017 in the sales business. I especially like #6 and #7.

This is how it starts:

“Selling is a tough job.

But there are certain things you can do to improve your salesmanship.

We sifted through a number of different sales-related surveys and reports to come up with the 15 things every salesperson should do to up their game in 2017.”

15 tips and tricks to close more deals and make tons of money in 2017

Here’s a great one on how many companies continue to use outdated technology to capture and follow up leads.

If your company doesn’t follow the 5 minute rule, you need to read this:

This is from the article:

To quote Drift’s Director of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt:

Following up with someone hours after they come to your website is like ignoring a person that came into your store — and then mailing them a postcard hoping that’ll they come back.