The Secret to ZEBRAselling

ZEBRAselling is a go-to-market strategy that will transform the way your B2B sales and marketing teams will approach the market.

When companies like Forrestor Research find that in the B2B world, deals are being closed at the 15% rate in any given quarter, you have to ask yourself, “Why?” And the sales teams should be asking themselves the same question.

However, if your company is doing what most other companies are, that  can create a false sense of security: “At least we not doing worse than the rest of the competition.”

Salesforce has published information that shows that the average number of deals that end up in their customer’s forecasts don’t close at any better than, you guessed it, about 15% in any given quarter.

15%!? What a huge waste of company resources! What a huge waste of time! What a huge disappointment that must be at the end of the quarter! What a lot of fun explaining to the VP of Sales why you came in under target again!

There is a solution to this and the ZEBRAselling methodology is just that.

Stay tuned for more posts on this.