C-Level Decision Makers

C-level executiveC-Level Decision Makers. One of the key attributes we assign to a prospect identifies access to the key decision makers in a prospect company. We call this person, or persons, “Power”.

Without their buy in, a sales person will have a tough time closing a sale. And without knowing what their critical business issues (CBIs) are, the sales rep will have a tough time even getting to them to have the discussion necessary to get the buy in.

At Dewell Consulting, we teach the Selling to Zebras methodology which trains sales teams in the various things they need to know and do to get to Power. But times are changing and now those decision makers at the C-level don’t make many large decisions on their own. They want buy in from other key players: COO, CFO, CMO, VP of Sales and others.

So we train the sales rep how to approach these various decision makers or other stakeholders so that all their issues, CBIs, are being addressed to insure their buy in.

But how do you get to those key players when they have multiple plates in the air and have multiple people approaching them with supposed solutions to their problems?

Back on 2013, when Selling to Zebras had been teaching how to do this, another great mind was talking about the same thing. His name is Brian Rapp and he was writing on the http://behaviorchange.net website.

His article entitled “C-Level Decision-Makers: 5 Ways to Reach Them” is still valid today. And I “stole” the image from his post so I want to attribute that at least to his post or to him whichever is appropriate.