Sales Automation Software for Success

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The ZEBRASelling methodology software starts with the process of scoring your prospects.When used rigorously, it makes sure you and your sales team are pursuing leads that have a high probability of turning into sales.

What is high probability? 50% -90%…high enough for you?

Remember the industry standard is 15%. What would this do to your company’s growth?

Scoring Software

Our software starts with the salesperson scoring each and every opportunity using our proprietary scoring tool with pre-built Surveys so you ask the right questions upfront to gain access to Power…quickly.

ROI Value Story

Next is the ROI Value Story. Drive key business decisions based on data, not speculation. Close the loop between Sales and Marketing by measuring the impact of your solution. Value drivers are automatically created based on past experience and honed over time based on results.

ROI Waterfall

Following that is the ROI Waterfall. Selling to Zebras automatically generates a powerful waterfall chart for communicating your ROI story, you’ll love it! We calculate everything for you, including NPV, Payback, IRR and monthly cost of indecision so your sales reps have everything they need to close the deal.

Powerful Sales Materials

Cloud-based apps can be up and running in days, and they cost less. With Selling To Zebras, you just open a browser, log in and start using it from anywhere and any device. As a result, you will see shorter sales cycles and higher close rates. In fact, our customers have attained close rates up to 90% using our software.

The software generates Powerful Sales Material so your sales teams spend less time writing and more time closing deals by streamlining the creation of personalized sales documents with our sales proposal generator. Sales reps can easily find the information they need and share it with prospects. So they focus on closing deals, not searching for information.

Rapid RFP responses leveraging Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Office 365, Google Drive, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

Smart and Easy

The software tool is easy and smart. Hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud for peace of mind with automated data capture. Just enter a public company’s name and we will search the web for the rest.

Sales teams won’t use something if it’s not easy. Our solutions are designed with the sales experience in mind with bi-directional integration. Sales rep adoption is key to seeing a return on your investment and increasing win rates.


And finally, Insight-to-Action – you effortlessly measure your Account-Based Marketing success with sales dashboards and embedded business intelligence.

See this process laid out graphically at: ttp://