Identify Your Zebra

zebraSalespeople tend to pursue every possible lead. It’s in their nature. And while this results in a lot of sales activity, it doesn’t result in more closed deals, doesn’t get you your Zebra. To the contrary, money and energy are wasted on deals that will never close – leaving resources short when prospects with real potential come into play.

The more effective sales approach is to engage in targeted account selling. The ZEBRAselling methodology makes this simple. With ZEBRAselling, you will learn to create a profile of your perfect customer, identify prospects that most closely fit that profile and pursue them exclusively.

This is easier than it sounds, however, because it is hard to take people off their prospect list or their forecast. “Hope springeth eternal” is the mantra of too many sales people. It’s the same philosophy practiced in the MLM industry: put everyone you know on your list and keep after them forever because one day they will be ready.

At Dewell Consulting we follow the ZEBRAselling methodology and it looks something like this. We start with a customer analysis. Here’s how it looks:

When evaluating customers it is important to look beyond just how much they spend and how much they need the product or service being sold. An evaluation of the customer base should identify all of the attributes that make a company a good fit. This is the profile of the ideal customer. Typically, it reveals the following:

  • The customer’s needs match the solution offered
  • There is a strong fit between the two companies philosophically, demographically, politically and culturally
  • The customer appreciates the way the company sells
  • The company is given or is able to earn access to key decision-makers
  • The customer is ready to buy if the return on investment is right
  • The customer is a good fit relative to service, operations and technology

When there is compatibility across all of these dimensions, long-lasting relationships tend to follow. This is another reason why it’s critical to target the best prospects when selling. It is much easier and less expensive to sell into existing accounts than new accounts.

Now you have identified a Zebra!

To see more detail about how we score the prospects to find the Zebra, go to this post:

(sourced from the Selling to Zebra website: “Stop chasing every prospect“)