Case Studies

The following case studies highlight the power of ZEBRA Selling in real life situations. By making your sales team more effective and more powerful, they can bring the kinds of results showcased here.

Author-It (

Author-it Software Corporation (ASC) is a world leader in component authoring solutions. We enable the efficient authoring, sharing and reuse of information across a number of content types. Reuse of information drives massive process and content production improvements including increased productivity, reduced time to market, better accuracy and consistency, improved customer experience and substantial cost savings. Author-it solutions have been built in partnership with our clients and are the culmination of more than 20 years component authoring experience.
Author-it Case Study

Optima (

Optima is an operational excellence advisory and resource firm focused on providing value added services, lean leadership, facilitation, training and education to our clients and peer group members. We help our clients and members on their journey towards operational excellence with a key focus on people, systems thinking, and continuous process improvement.Optima’s CIC Consortiums and our Adult Learning Center provide resources to organizations and people to further develop and practice lean thinking.
Optima case study

StarCite (

[In January 2012, Active Network acquired StarCite. In February 2014, Lanyon was paired with Active Network’s Business Solutions Group and consolidated under the Lanyon name.]

StarCite, Inc. operates an on-demand global meetings management platform for corporate meetings and events. It automates and supports elements of the meeting planning and procurement process, such as planning, budgeting, buying, attendance, payment, and results measurement through a web based on-demand technology.
StarCite Case Study


Vivisimo was a privately held technology company in Pittsburg, PA, specialising in the development of computer search engines. The company was acquired by IBM in May 2012 and is now branded as IBM Watson Explore.
Vivisimo Case Study

The following video of Kevin Calderwood gives your the Zebra story from “the horses mouth” of a successful business man who has actually used the process in multiple companies.