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I’m going to be updating this occasionally with books that I think are valuable for anyone in business and in some cases they are particularly valuable for B2B sales professionals.

All of these are available on Amazon. Selling to Zebras is also available from me as a download at:
or use the contact form under the “Contact” tab and, if you are a sales executive whose company is serious about changing how you do business, I’ll have a complimentary copy sent to you.

Selling to Zebras Jeff Koser and Chad Koser
This is the “Bible” of our business and is required reading for any sales team that begins working with us on ZEBRAselling. Jeff Koser is the CEO and a founder of Selling to Zebras

The 80/20 Principle Richard Koch 2008 Edition
The updated classic that will make you rethink how you dop almost anything, esp. the way you do business. A key portion of the ZEBRAselling methodology indirectly incorporates this principle when identifying Zebras.

80/20 Sales & Marketing Perry Marshall
Brilliant marketer, email master and long the Master of Google Adwords. This book got me interested in rediscovering the 80/20 Principle and led me to reading Richard Koch’s book above.

Tools of Titans Tim Ferriss
The author of The 4-day Workweek uncovers secrets of some of the most successful people in business, ther arts, the health industry and others. Tons of good tips her.

The Challenger Sale Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson
Extensive research on sales success that lead them to identify the Challenger sales type. Relates very closely to the ZEBRAselling methodology.