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selling to zebra

Tom Dewell of Dewell Consulting is a certified Selling to Zebras Professional Partner. That means he has been through an extensive training course on the ZEBRAselling methodology.

He works closely with the key executives of Selling to Zebras who for nearly 2 decades have been successfully transforming B2B sales companies to raise their bar on sales success to achieve numbers like this:

  • An increase in average deal size and annual sales of 13% (client best – 421%)
  • A reduction in the length of the average sales cycle by 21% (client best – 45%)
  • An increase in the sales pipeline monthly close rate of 102% (client best – 964%)

Tom Dewell spent many years in the B2B world as a sales manager in the professional video industry in Germany. He and his company struggled with getting sales to close without resulting to price slashing as most of our competitors were doing. The ZEBRAselling methodology would have been the answer but it wasn’t “invented” yet.

That frustrating experience is what led Tom to embrace the Selling to Zebras go-to-market methodology and gives him unique insight into how difficult it is to sales complex solutions without it. He understands first hand what drives most sales teams and why they are reluctant to change. On the other hand, having “seen the light” with Selling to Zebras, he can also provide his customers with objective insight into the advantages of finding and closing with Zebras.